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Highlights of exhibition

Marubun exhibit a number of industrial products with focus on high-power Laser diode, pulsed fiber laser and high power LED.
From nLight Corporation, we will introduce next-generation model Element of high-output, high-efficiency laser diode and picosecond pulsed fiber laser. Luminus Devices exhibit LED devices with world's highest class brightness as one chip device, and having JIAL global technology seminar of the latest market status of high brightness LED. Laserline GmbH show processing sample of metal hardening and metal cladding with using KW high-power laser diode. UPRtek will exhibit a spectrometer and flicker meter capable of high-function simple measurement. And more, we will widely introduce optical products such as First Sensor's optical sensors characterized by custom correspondence or ExcelitasTechnologies's high-power UV LED light source.
We provide high quality process with low distortion by high power diode laser.


Exhibiting Product / Technology

Category of products

Diode Lasers, Fiber Lasers

Featured Program!
~ Scientific Visualization System ~

Measuring object 1
Laser welding, Laser remote welding, Arc welding
Products 1
Processobserver Advanced
  • material
  • automobile・transport machine
Products Technology PR 1
The plasmo processobserver advanced offers you a hi-tech device that monitors and documents welding, cutting and drilling processes in real-time without damaging the workpiece. All data recorded is available for a detailed offline analysis.
Measuring object 2
UV Spot Curing Lamp & LED Systems
Products 2
LX400+ OmniCure
  • material
  • semiconductor・electronic component
Products Technology PR 2
OmniCure is a UV Spot Curing & LED System
The wavelength are 365nm, 385nm, 400nm and the curing head can be set 4 for maximum. It uses 3~12mm focus lens and performs the best curing with best working distance.
Measuring object 3
Ultra High Brightness LED
Products 3
LED for Endoscope, Microscope
    Products Technology PR 3
    Luminus High Brightness LED are used in world wide market for medical applications, especially for Endoscope, Microscope or so.
    There are lineup for RGB, White, IR and UV.

    Featured Program!

    Product 1
    Fiber-Coupled High Power Diode Laser Modulep
    Product Catch Copy 1
    Low investment, maintenance costs
    • auto/component
    • laser
    Product Description 1
    Optimize your conventional or standard laser process by using high efficiency diode lasers from laserline.
    Product 2
    Beam Delivery Systems for Ultlafast Lasers
    Product Catch Copy 2
    Flexible beam delivery for Ultlafast Lasers
    • test
    • laser
    Product Description 2
    Photonic Tools provides flexibility and reliable and safe beam transportation for industrial ultrafast laser applications.

    Application Zone

    Product 1
    Laser Hardening, Laser Cladding
    Feature 1
    Laser heat treatment process with low distortion
    Primary usage 1
    Compared to other procedures a diode laser offers many benefits
    - Ideal adaption of beam profile
    - Local thermal entry in a defined partial area
    - Integration of the hardening process into existing production
    - Hardening of complex geometries

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